Welcome To The New Home Of PLANET BOOKS!!

Due to some technical difficulties over at Live Journal, Planet Books has moved to Word Press.  I hope you find it easier to post your comments and participate in our monthly book vote.  Vote for the October title HERE!!!

Our choices are “The Year of Magical Thinking”, “Snow Flower An The Secret Fan”, “Atonement: A Novel”, & “A Farewell To Arms”I will be closing the poll on October 3rd so get your votes in and check back on the 4th to see which title we will be reading this month. 

5 thoughts on “Welcome To The New Home Of PLANET BOOKS!!

  1. Have read Attonement very good. Read Snowflower and the secret Fan at your house again very good, so I bought the new one Lisa Lee has out.
    My vote is for A Farewell to Arms

  2. Thanks for the kind words Beastmomma!! I like the new site too. I was having so much trouble with the poll on LJ, I just couldn’t take it anymore.
    I did add your vote to the poll so we’ll see what wins.
    Check ya later!

  3. Hey Karen, I just voted!! Atonement sounds great and I love A Farewell to Arms, haven’t read it in a long time. I will try to read with you guys this month. I will be in Nags Head for a week this month so maybe I’ll have time. Take care and miss you and Oki!!

    Love ya,

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