Eat Pray Love & O

This summer while I was in Singapore, I picked up Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and started reading it along with a million other people on this planet.  Well, if you have read it you know what all the hype is about but if you have not read it then check out  Oprah‘s web site because last Friday(it aired today, October 8th in Oki and will repeat tonight at 11pm on AFN Prime) Oprah had author Liz Gilbert on her show to discuss her experiences which she put down on paper and shared with us through her book. 

One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia

My “real life” book club, Lit & the Island, will be reading this book in December.  It’s an easy read and the first section that takes place in Italy totally made me want to go to Italy and drink wine and eat, eat, eat till my clothes didn’t fit anymore too. 

Books are my second love…. Music is my first!

Many of you may know that my favorite thing in the whole world is MUSIC.  I was born with the gift of singing and have been doing so since I can remember.  I love to discover new and old bands/artists who move me with their music.  Sometimes I am lucky enough to see music played live by the bands/artists that make my world go round.  Though not since living here in Oki.  Karaoke is about it though I have a great friend who plays a killer acoustic guitar and who’s voice kicks major ass. 

Anyway, one of my favorite East Coast bands is TheVeltz Family (formally known as Cecilia, The Band).  I hope they will be playing in the D.C. area over Christmas this year so I can catch them while we are visiting the fam.  Another of my favorite bands, who reside from Richmond, VA and I have seen at least fifteen times from D.C. to Denver is The Pat McGee Band (PMB).  Both bands have a rich acoustic sound to their music but can totally rock it out and make your feet move and your heart sing.  The band that I love with all my heart is of course my beloved Dave Matthews Band  (DMB). 

If you have a favorite local band from where you are from and you would like to share them with us please do so.  I will try to make an effort to review albums as I fall in love with them and share my thoughts with you.