Better Late Than Never

While talking with my sister on the phone this moring, I realized that I had forgotten to post some discussion questions about last months book, “Like Water For Chocolate”by Laura Esquirel.   I had been ill with a terrible flu the week I was supposed to start posting questions so I do apologize for not getting these on sooner.

1)  First of all let me ask you if you believe that Tita is a strong female figure and a feminist character? 

2)  The three De La Garza sisters possess differing personalities.  By tracing their trajectories through the course of the novel, discuss the way each sister embodies a female stereotype.  What statement might the author be making through these types about options in the lives of women?

3)  What does the novel tell us about the domestic life of women?

4)  How is fire used as a symbol in the book? 

5)  Discuss the importance of the narrator. 

6)  What is the significance of the many physical illnesses that plague characters throughout the novel? 

My sister had a great idea of incorporating recipes into this part of the post.  If you have any recipes/dishes that turn you and/or your lover on then please share them here.  Maybe you will get inspired by another’s recipe and find that it works for you too!  This could be very interesting so please, as you leave a comment take a moment to tell us and share your favorite “love” recipe. 

(All the discussions questions came from )

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