So Far

I am about halfway done with “The Year Of Magical Thinking” and I sure hope this woman has something positive happen to her during all of this tragedy.  Quintana is in the UCLA ICU at the moment and man, I can’t imagine being that sick.  I feel so terrible for her, her mother and her new husband. 

What point are you at in the book?  Are you liking it or are you a little surprised as I am with the technical information about illnesses and the the body?  I hope in the end I feel that the overall experience of reading this book helps me in the long run when dealing with the death of loved ones and that life just keeps going no matter what happens. 

2 thoughts on “So Far

  1. This book was exhaustive and exhausting. I was very curious about Quintana, though, and wondered afterward how she recovered. I was horrified to learn she too had died shortly afterward. I lost a daughter when she was eighteen from sudden liver failure caused by prescription drugs and I can certainly identify with Didion’s pain. You live because there is no alternative.

  2. Marlene ~
    Thank you for checking in on us at Planet Books. I am sorry for the terrible loss you have endured with your daughter’s death. How terrible it must have been for you while reading this book when you came to the part where Quintana passed away.
    I agree with your last sentence whole heartedly.

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