Do You Have Anything You Would Like To Read?

This Friday I plan on posting four titles to be voted on for our November book.  As of this moment I do not have anything selected yet nor do I have a theme to be guided by.  If you have a suggestion and would like the title to voted on please leave a comment with this post.  I will add it to the list so check the comments section of this entry throughout the week and if there are not four titles nominated then please add your title. 

If I don’t get four titles by Friday morning, I will nominate books for the remaining slots.  It will be cool to see what has been on your To Be Read List (TBRL).

3 thoughts on “Do You Have Anything You Would Like To Read?

  1. what about a theme of food related books?
    I would also like to read what the body remembers by Shauna Singh Baldwin which is not about food, but good nonetheless. At least, that is what I have heard.

  2. Hey Beastmomma! The food theme is a very very good idea. With Thanksgiving falling in November and the season of cooking, baking and EATING arriving quickly maybe a little culinary inspiration is just what the doctor ordered.
    Thank you!!!

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