Yesterday I finished “The Year of Magical Thinking” and to tell you the truth… I didn’t find it very magical.  I was rather bored with everything except the action of the death and illness of John and Quintana.  Maybe it was the writing style that I didn’t care for or maybe it was the depressing topic of death, grieving and no good news.  I guess I’m glad I read it and can say this title is on my “Already Read List”. 

I’m curious to learn what you thought of this month’s book.  Did you find it inspirational or dry?  Did you want to find out if Quintana survived her terrible illness or did you find yourself skipping ahead?

I will be posting discussion questions on Sunday and will post a couple of questions a day for three days.  I hope you’ll join us and share your comments and thoughts with us. 

Friday I will be posting our next voting poll and I think the list will get our stomachs a grumblin’.  It’s all about food!