I Received My Copy of G&S!!

My husband called me this afternoon to tell me that a book arrived for me in the mail today.  I was so excited because I knew it was “Garlic & Sapphires”.  I told him I would swing by his office on my way to an appointment so I could start it while I was waiting.  I LOVE IT!!!!  I love Ruth Reichl’s writing style and the crazy waitress lady on the airplane from L.A. to NYC was hilarious and scary.  I showed my hubby what Planet Books was reading this month and he flipped through the book and mentioned that there were recipes.  I didn’t know this but I was pleased to find this out.  This will be a fun book and I am so excited it won (though I did not vote for it, but voted for “The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry” instead).  If you have already started G&S, please let us know what you think so far. 

On another note, yesterday I picked up the new CD release, “Complete Clapton”.  It’s a two-disc collection of Eric Clapton’s hits with Cream, Blind Faith, Derek & The Dominoes, his solo work and his duet with B.B. King.  It is just AMAZING and I had no idea just how many of Clapton’s songs I just love.  Today I did a lot of driving (and believe it or not there is a ton of traffic on Okinawa) and I got to listen to all 36 tracks and had the best day because of it.  I may be a bit under the weather with a stuffed nose and soar throat but the music was so powerful, it made me feel better.  I will admit that I had no idea that Belinda Carlisle’s song, “I Feel Free” (track number 3 on “Heaven on Earth”) was a Cream cover until this morning.  I have loved that song since 1988 and was tickled that Belinda had chosen to cover that tune.  I used to sing it over and over again in my room in junior high and high school.  When I go home for Christmas this year I am looking forward to picking up the autobiography that compliments this dual disc.  The November issue of Vanity Fair Magazine has an excerpt from Clapton’s new book, “Clapton: The Autobiography”, about the period of time when his son, Conor, fell out of his mother’s rented apartment window and fell to his death 50+ stories down.  The writing, vividness and vulnerability that Clapton’s retelling showed makes me want to know everything about this amazing artist.  (NOTE**Within the last link in this paragraph, Borders.com offers a video of Clapton regarding this book.)

5 thoughts on “I Received My Copy of G&S!!

  1. I am so jealous that you have your book already!!! Hopefully, mine will come soon. I went through a amazon “seller” and now I am regretting my desire to be cheap. Hopefully, it will come soon.

  2. Hi Karen, I read the first 55 pages today, and it’s a realy fun book! So far, so good!

    I like the new look of your blog! Of course, I liked the old look, too. In fact, I just changed mine and I was thinking about doing the one you had (the brown and green with the rounded corners) but opted for one with a customizable header instead. I put up a pic on the header that I took last year at Disney’s California Adventure, since we live very close to it. Anyway.. Whew.. I went off on a little tangent there, sorry!!!

    To anyone reading this.. go get your copy of G & S! It’s good!

  3. I am done! Gotta love city vacations… Bookstores & TIME. I bought G&S at Borders and started immediately (After completing The Other Boleyn Girl) It’s great start to finish and I am planning on trying the recipes tomorrow! Looking forward to your stimulating discussion questions! There are some fun things to talk about, I think. THANKS – good pick.

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