What This Book Is Doing To Me

Right now Planet Books readers are delving into “Garlic & Sapphires ~ The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise” by Ruth Reichl.  I am on page 209 and am still loving this book.  I have found myself reading it at 4:30 in the morning in the last week because I couldn’t sleep due to a terrible cold, and I have even asked my hubby to read certain reviews and excerpts that I found hilarious. 

I find myself tasting food in a different way.  I have started to eat a little slower, savor a bite a little longer and really enjoy what food is on my fork/spoon/chopstick.  Last night my hubby whipped up a recipe for Potatoes Gratin by Tyler Florence.  He was using his new mandolin and was impressed with the ease in which he sliced the spuds into paper thin sheets.  After the dish had been in the oven for a good twenty minutes the scent of dinner started to make its way into the living room.  When I bit into my first fork full of creamy potatoes it was a browned corner that burst with flavor and I just closed my eyes and showed my delight by moaning, “Mmmmm Honey!”.  We are having the left overs for dinner tonight and I can’t wait.

I have also found myself perusing the New York Times Food & Wine section on-line as well as my hometown paper, The Washington Post.  I have been a faithful reader of both publications book review sections for a few years now but I have discovered a whole new world to learn about with the food sections. 

I was never a big newspaper reader, magazines yes, but the messy black ink of newspaper always leaked onto my fingers and drove me nuts.  Since moving to Memphis, TN, than Okinawa, Japan I was reading these paper’s on-line versions daily but only main headlines.  Now I find myself e-mailing articles to friends whom I think might be interested (just like my mother, and her mother sent clippings in the mail, which by the way, my mom still does to this day) and e-mailing myself articles so I can easily access these bits of information within a special folder in my e-mail account. 

Do you find yourself with your nose in your monitor more than a good book?  Please share the websites that dominate your time the most with Planet Books.  Mine are The Washington Post, Washingtonian Magazine, The New York Times, Borders, Nordstrom, and Food Network.