Ready to Eat… I Mean “Talk Turkey”?

While searching the Internet for discussion questions for G&S, I learned that Ruth Reichl is an Executive Producer for a FOX film based on her wonderful memoir about her tenure as the NY Times Restaurant Critic.  states that the film is set for release in 2008 but due to the fact that it is still in production there isn’t much information right now about the project.  I am so excited about this!

Though I have scoured the Internet for some discussion questions on “Garlic & Sapphires” I haven’t had much luck.  I did find an interview with Ruth Reichl from The CBS Early Show (INTERVIEW) with Reichl discussing some of her disguises.  Then I came across audio interviewfrom Barnes & with Reichl as well as a Q&A from with Reichl. 

I would like to know if you were happy with this Planet Books read?  What would you like to discuss about the book, “Garlic & Sapphires”. 

Personally (as you may have gathered from previous posts) I LOVED this book and have discovered a new set of taste-buds in my mouth along with a new hobby of reading restaurant reviews on the NY Times and Washington Post websites.

I hope your Thanksgiving was a filling and delicious one!  XOXO-K