Reading Evolution

I picked up Newsweek this morning because the cover story is about Amazon’s “KINDLE“, the new way of reading.  I am just amazed by this machine and all the cool things it offers.  There’s also articles in both The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Would you ever consider reading books on a “KINDLE” or some other type of machine?  Actually not only read books but newspapers, magazines and blogs?  I know what you might be thinking… “I love the feeling of a book in my hands and lining my shelves.”  When I think about the amount of reading I do, the fact that due to my hubby’s job we will be moving every two to four years and books are heavy and take up space this next generation take on reading the book might fit into a lot of life styles including my own.  Just think of all the books that weigh down your bag on your way to work when taking the bus/metro/train and flying on airplanes?  If you could have something the size of a trade paperback book in your bag that can hold up to 200 titles like your iPod can hold thousands of albums wouldn’t you do that?  I think I would because I already read so much on a screen as it is.  I never thought I would find myself being addicted to iTunes and not able to live without my iPod but that day has come.  I rarely buy a CD at the store anymore and love the instant gratification of buying and downloading an album in mere seconds. 

I think that this new way to read will revolutionize the book industry but might take a few more years.  I am hoping that by the time I move back to the U.S. “KINDLE” or something like it will have become a little more affordable and more mainstream.  Right now this digital reading machine sells for $399 and to buy a new or best seller title (more than 90,000 titles are available right now for purchase on the KINDLE) costs only $9.99.