Merry Christmas Every One!!!

I hope you aren’t too stuffed this Christmas evening and I hope you got everything you wished for.  The hubby and I have had a great time being home in MD/VA, busy as it may be, and can’t believe that we are almost half way through our trip with only a week left in this area.  We are off to TX next Thursday. 

I will call this Christmas the year of books and gift cards.  I received two Nordstrom gift cards as well as a Sephora gift card.  My parents and my sister and her husband gave us a ton of books which we will have to mail back because of the weight they would add to our luggage.   I now can add the following titles to my TBR shelf: (I will add links to at a later time)

St. Lucy’s Home For Girls Raised By Wolves ~ Stories by Karen Russell
Shopgirl ~ by Steve Martin
The Abstinence Teacher ~ by Tom Perrotta
The New Yorkers ~ by Cathleen Schine
The Other Boleyn Girl ~ Philippa Gregory
Helen of Troy ~ by Margaret George
Christmas with Paula Deen ~ by Paula Deen
The Selected Stories of Patricia Highsmith ~ by Patricia Highsmith
Nothing That Meets The Eye ~ by Patricia Highsmith

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Every One!!!

  1. I was surprised I only got one book this year: a blank one, very pretty. I adored Shopgirl; movie, too… Is Patricia Highsmith a recommended author? – Care PS Have fun in TX – eat some texmex for me.

  2. In error, I ordered one item two times…it was a gift certificate and the recipient received both and I only wanted to give him one. Amazon’s helpers in the Phillipines…Joy P and Louise C were most helpful..and I ended up with one of the ceertificates being put in my account. I will be very happy to buy anything from Amazon…you are amazing!

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