Hitting The Ground Reading

I just ordered my copy of “My War..Killing Time In Iraq” and I am looking forward to reading it. With the elections going on and the news of Soldiers being killed recently in the Middle East, I think it will be interesting to read a first hand account of what our Troops see and experience on deployments.
I am glad that it will take a week for my book to arrive by mail though. I have so much to catch up on!! Between the magazines that piled up in our mailbox while we were gone, to the huge amount of candidate research I have yet to do and the newspapers I have to skim through on-line I feel so behind.
I am determined to make this the year of self-improvement. Between my new Nintendo NS Lite and the BrainAge and NYTimes Crossword Puzzle games I got for it and the many new books I received between Christmas and my birthday I have think I have a good amount of material to help me get started on my year of self-educating and growing as an adult.
What are your New Year Resolutions or do you not partake in this tradition? Please share!

One thought on “Hitting The Ground Reading

  1. I love the new picture in your banner. Your website is so stylish. My new year’s resolution is to cook more low-carb, high protein healthy vegetarian meals. Since becoming vegetarian, I have been having a hard time getting enough protein. I like your resolution though too; I feel like I am always trying to be better 🙂

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