Until Then…

To pass the time until my copy of “My War… Killing Time In Iraq” arrives in my little P.O. Box here on Okinawa I decided to read SHOPGIRL” by the amazingly wonderful and funny Steve Martin. A NOVELLA My sister and her hubby gave this to me for Christmas and though I had seen the quaint and sweet movie starring Steve Martin, Claire Danes and Jason Schwartzman, I had always wanted to read the novella since it first came out in 2000.  Well so far I love love love the story.  There are so many little things that you can’t get from the movie version and to know what the author meant for the character to be thinking in any moment is like a little secret for the reader to know but the movie watcher to never find out.  The novella is a mere 130 pages and I think on top of all the other things going on here I will probably finish it before the next book arrives to devour my attention.  I haven’t forgotten about my 33 in 33 self challenge and “SHOPGIRL” would be the first book on that list.  (“Pillars of the Earth” is waiting patiently for me to pick up again and let it take me back to the 1300’s.) 

Below I am sharing a picture of all the books the hubby and I received for Christmas/my birthday/hand-me-down’s  from my family while in the States.  They all finally arrived safe and sound on Saturday and the stack is very very high.  I am very excited about the stories waiting to reveal themselves to me.  I am also in need of a new small bookcase soon.  I prefer to have my books standing with great posture, proud and vying for my attention from the shelf but right now all these new books as well as some books I bought in November are laying on top of each other in staggered stacks in front of other books on the shelves.  Just another thing to put on my to-do list for this month. 

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