1 Down and 32 To Go

Last night I finished “Shopgirl” by Steve Martin.  It is the first of 33 books I have challenged myself to read in my 33rd year.  This book was a gift from my sister and her hubby and boy did she pick a good one.  I LOVED this novella!!  I had to remind myself that the author was Steve Martin because for some reason this surprised me.  His writing was wonderful and transporting (though I pictured the actors from the movie based on the book throughout my whole read through) and I actually got a little misty-eyed at the end.  The character development was very well done and I invested a lot of sympathy for the characters as things occurred to them. 

Steve Martin described the depression that the heroine suffers from with such skill and understanding it made me wonder about his own experiences and then I was reminded that the hubby received Steve Martin’s new autobiography for Christmas and it’s on his nightstand right now.  I guess I can find out the answer to my questions with that book.  I totally recommend this short 130 page gem to anyone who doesn’t mind a reading about sex, depression and wonderfully written characters. 

I am still waiting for my copy of our January book “My War…Killing Time In Iraq” though I think today might be the day it’s in the P.O. Box.  Keep your fingers crossed because right now I am without a book to read.  Well not really without a book but I don’t want to pick up another title because I know the new one is arriving soon.

UPDATE:  My copy of “My War…Killing Time In Iraq” arrived in the mail today.  I plan on starting it tonight!