Reading Update

Hey there!  Are any of you reading “My War..Killing Time In Iraq”?  Well I’m almost finished and it has been a great read.  I was wondering how long Buzzell was going to go without being censored by the Military and oops… it has happened.  But they still LOVE the posts and the writing. 

I am going to rent the last discs of Showtime’s “The Tudors” today and I can’t wait to see what happens.  It is such a fantastic show!  So well done and well acted.  The costumes are stunning and I would love to get s dress like Anne Boleyn or Princess Margaret for the Renaissance Festival when we live back in the states.  I can dream can’t I? 

So if you aren’t reading along with me what are you reading?  Is it any good and would you recommend it?  Please let us know.