Reading Update

Hey there!  Are any of you reading “My War..Killing Time In Iraq”?  Well I’m almost finished and it has been a great read.  I was wondering how long Buzzell was going to go without being censored by the Military and oops… it has happened.  But they still LOVE the posts and the writing. 

I am going to rent the last discs of Showtime’s “The Tudors” today and I can’t wait to see what happens.  It is such a fantastic show!  So well done and well acted.  The costumes are stunning and I would love to get s dress like Anne Boleyn or Princess Margaret for the Renaissance Festival when we live back in the states.  I can dream can’t I? 

So if you aren’t reading along with me what are you reading?  Is it any good and would you recommend it?  Please let us know.

6 thoughts on “Reading Update

  1. I got off to a slow start with reading this book, but I like it very much. I have been distracted by trying to feed my addiction to the book Wind Up Bird Chronicle. Also, I tagged you for a meme in the Reading Section of my blog. Please participate 🙂

  2. I’m currently reading The Girls by Lori Lansens. It’s pretty good. I started it then had to put it down to read a book for my bookclub, and then I was slow to pick it back up again. It seems like I’ve been reading it forever and I just want to finish. Not that it isn’t good. I just want to start something else, kwim?

  3. Hi, I’m on pg 241 of MyWar:KTII. I find myself skipping through the weapons acronyms and my language surprise-to-me! has spiced up. I actually dropped the f-bomb and shocked myself. DIRECTLY attributable to Colby Buzzell.

  4. Unfortunately I have the vocabulary of a Soldier, Sailer & Marine all rolled into one. I try to catch myself but it does get difficult. I have found that while reading the book, I know a lot more about the military than I thought I did and watching AFN spots (there are no commercials on the Armed Forces Network) has taught me a thing or two. That’s why after living in a heavy military community for two and half years so far, I was surprised that Buzzell’s blog wasn’t a victim of censorship or plug pulling sooner. Though as I’m reading I learned that the time clock for his blog was only about ten weeks out of a year long diployment.

  5. So did I!!! If you would like to share your review with us that would be great. I’ll work on my review this weekend and get it on here by Monday. I will wait till the middle of February though to post questions about the book in case we have some straggelers and since PB is now a bi-monthly book club and this book counts as the Jan/Feb book.
    I finished it yesterday and started The Other Boleyn Girl before bed last night.

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