I’ve Been A Bad Girl

Since returning from Kyoto last weekend I have to admit that I haven’t been reading my book “The Pillars of the Earth”.  Instead I have been reading my mags that arrived in the mail and watching movies.  I rented Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married”, “Across the Universe” and “Margot at the Wedding”.  WDIGM was HILARIOUS and touching.  The R&B/Soul singer Jill Scott had a very large roll in this movie and was just wonderful and vulnerable and sweet.  I loved her character Sheila the most.  Janet Jackson was also in this film and I was happy to see her back in a film that was so good.  ATU was probably my fav out the films I rented.  The director took the Beatles catalogue and selected the songs that would help tell her story and did a beautiful thing with the music and characters.  The singing was superb and I have found my new favorite singer because of it.  Dana Fuchs  has the  most raw, natural voice and just wails out the songs with such feeling and anguish.  FANTASTIC!!  She has inspired me to learn The Beatles Helter Skelter.  If I could sing it half as well as Dana that would be great.  MATW was a disappointment for us.  We didn’t even make it a quarter of the way through the movie before we had to turn it off.  Not one likable character really and Nicole Kidman’s Margot was so mean it was painful to watch any longer. 

I also purchased “The Jane Austen Book Club“.  The hubby had bought “Michael Clayton” so last night we watched some George Clooney yumminess and some Jane Austen worshipers.  Both films were great and I am very glad I bought JABC because I will definitely watch it again.  I loved how each character represented one of Austen’s books and the author was able to mesh everything together.  I need to make sure that book is on my Borders Wish List.  So instead of some book updates I thought I would write some movie reviews.  Have you seen any good films lately?  The Oscars are this weekend and I can’t wait to see the outcome and the fashions. 

3 thoughts on “I’ve Been A Bad Girl

  1. I really liked Juno and recently I re-watched Finding Neverland which was fabulous. I want to see Across the Universe and Why Did I Get Married. I was disturbed by Margot at the Wedding Also. Do you have netflix or blockbuster at home on the island? I forget, if you do 🙂

  2. We are Netflix customers but also buy a few movies at the base PX and rent from the base Shoppette too.
    Finding Neverland was one of the biggest tear jerkers I have ever seen. I own it and haven’t watched it since, not because I didn’t like it, I loved it, but because it took me forever to recover from the story. I haven’t seen Juno yet, and probably will have to wait till it comes out on DVD to do so. The base theatres don’t show many non-blockbuster hits or small budget films because it costs too much for the film company to get it into a theatre like that. Tickets are only $4.00 a piece so they aren’t big money making houses. Stupic, stupid, stupid. 🙂
    I’m watching the Oscars right now and am very excited about the fact that it’s happening and the writers strike is over and resolved.

  3. I am writing a review of The Jane Austen Book Club movie and novel for my blog – it should be up soon (although I have to say, I enjoyed the movie so much more than the book).

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