“Period Of Reflection” (Period of Restrictions) Ends For Most

Here in Okinawa, the last two weeks have been tough for most due to the limitations under the “Period of Reflection” that was enforced after numerous crimes were committed off base by American Service Members, especially the possible rape of a fourteen year-old Okinawan girl by a thirty-eight year old Marine.  After the charges were dropped by the girl at the end of last week the U.S. Generals in charge of the bases that make up Camp Butler reconvened yesterday.  This morning it was announced that the “Period of Reflection” had been ended for all SOFA status Civilians and curfews have been set in place for Active Duty Service Members.  It is a relief for the local businesses out in town that the POR has ended because of the hit they have taken over the last couple of weeks from having no American customers.  I look forward to dining out in town again and supporting the local economy again. 

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