I Think I’m Back On The Wagon!

Yesterday  I picked up the DVD’s “I Am Legend” and “Atonement”, “Guitar Hero III ~ Legends of Rock” for our PS3 as well as a new book.  I know, I know… I have tons of books I haven’t read yet on my book shelves at home.  Well, I think that a new purchase (in person and not an on-line buy) was needed to lift me from my fog.  I bought Jodi Picoult’s newest release, “Change of Heart“. 

A NovelI have never read any of Picoult’s novels but did get her comic book/graphic novel of “Wonder Woman ~ Love & Murder” back in January.  A great book blog out there called GIRLS JUST READING and they have a post about spending an hour with Jodi Picoult and hearing her discuss and promote her latest title.

Love and Murder (Wonder Woman (DC Comics))

I started Change of Heart last night in bed and picked up where I left off when I woke up this morning.  I haven’t gotten very far but so far it’s interesting and I like the tones of true life, everyday topics.  Yes, those topics are murder, court testimony and a jury sentencing a criminal to death, but the feeling of the story is real which maybe I needed right now. 

Are any of you Jodi Picoult fans and if so what are your favorites of her novels?  Do you have anything you may be reading right now that you would like to tell us about here at Planet Books?   

8 thoughts on “I Think I’m Back On The Wagon!

  1. I am reading a collection of essays about cooking for one and dining alone. It is called Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant. I think you would enjoy it. I also need to work on the latest PB book selection. It seems that I am forever behind 🙂

  2. Hi Karen, I’ve read 2 Picoult books.. well, actually one and a half.. My Sister’s Keeper was awesome, one of the best books I read last year. However, Harvesting the Heart was so sappy that I didn’t finish it. I have heard good things about Nineteen Minutes, and mixed reviews for Change of Heart. I think Picoult’s books can be a little formulaic-she cranks them out really fast, and she always has the trademark “twist” at the end. But she has many fans and a lot of my book club friends really like her.

  3. L-
    So, maybe she couls be compared to James Patterson? I really enjoyed his books for a few years but got so tired of the same story, different setting. I did enjoy the D.C. settings though now that I think of it. We’ll see what I think of Picoult and her formula.
    Hey Girlie!! I will look into the book you are reading right now. St. Lucy’s is a very quick read and if maybe if you keep the book in the bathroom for “longer stays” and bath time you will find the time to read these interesting and curious stories.
    XOXO To You Both!!

  4. I’ve resisted Jodi Picoult… and when confronted at the book store, I can’t decide which to choose! so I don’t. I’m juggling the St. Lucy book and I’Jaam. Netflix is sending me Atonement today so I hope to watch that soon!

  5. I read The Pact. I couldn’t put it down, but I thought it was a troubling sort of book.

    I have a few others of hers that I want to read, but haven’t yet.

  6. i’ve read and listened (audio books) to several of her books and found that i like listening better. her stories tend to follow a formula, but i love the figurative language she uses–beautiful prose.

    she came to my local library to do a reading and i was smitten–she knows how to charm a crowd–and was humble and funny.

  7. Was the Wonder Woman book good? I have a few individual issues of the comic books but I didn’t collect them all… Kind of curious though!

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