Cookie Marathon – Week 1


Last week I received my copy of Martha Stewart’s Cookies Cookbook and couldn’t wait to dive in and try some recipes.  Well I may have a new hobby here folks and that is making a cookie recipe a week.  The hubby thinks I should start a blog titled “How Fat Can Pete Get?” but I think I will stick to posting pictures of the cookies I make here on Planet Books instead. 

I actually made two of the 175 recipes over the weekend and man, were they delicious.  The first one is “Thin & Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies”.  Now, I have always made the Nestle Toll House Chocolate Cookie and have never strayed from that sure fire recipe but I was curious about this one.  Well folks, it was AWESOME!!!!  Buttery and crispy and HUGE! 

The second cookie I made was “Chocolate Thumb Prints”.  This was a first of this type of recipe for me and it was fun to make.  I finally figured a better way of making the thumb print with the last batch.  Instead of freezing your finger on ice and than pressing it into the hot hot cookie, I chilled the tip of my coffee scoop and used that to make the indentation.  I got a deeper hole that looked nicer when holding the chocolate filling after completely cooling.  Below are pics of the two cookies on a platter for a going away party I attended on Tuesday. 

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8 thoughts on “Cookie Marathon – Week 1

  1. Yeah… he’s a very very funny guy and keeps me laughing every day. LOVE HIM!!!!!
    Anyway.. I think I will do another cookie this Sunday or Monday. I’m not sure which one I will do but I must recommend this beautiful and easy to handle book for your kitchen. It was really inexpensive too and it’s paperback, not hard cover.

  2. How fat CAN Pete get??? LOL The cookies look awesome. I have had those choc. chip cookies from this cookbook at a friend’s house and they really are delicious.

  3. They’re almost gone! Just a couple of the thumbprints and a couple of the thin & crispy’s to last through the weekend. I will say though that this cookbook is my favorite one ever!! After that is Tyler Florence’s Ultimate and Paula Deen’s The Lady and Son’s collection.
    The hubby loves Tyler’s recipes too. He actually is the cook in the house so I like to pick the recipe, do the grocery shopping and than say jokingly, “Make me dinner Bitch!”. (That’s one of our favorite jokes/things to say because we just bust out laughing.)

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