Cookie Marathon ~ Week 2

My newest hobby is making a cookie a week from my new

Martha Stewart Cookie Cookbook.

          The Very Best Treats to Bake and to Share (Martha Stewart Living Magazine)

Well today I made her Macaroons and boy are they tasty!  I love, love, love coconut and this was just the easiest recipe to whip up and bake.  Forming the cookie peaks was a messy task but so worth it in the end.  Check out these little mountains of yumminess!!!   




10 thoughts on “Cookie Marathon ~ Week 2

  1. I wonder what the problem is? They aren’t showing up when you view the site at all?
    The banner is a pic I took of the Golden Pavillion in Kyoto from our trip in February. It was a clear, crisp day and the gold was brilliant.

  2. i agree on all accounts:

    love the new banner
    can’t see cookie pictures

    so, should i spring for this book, or what?

    congrats on being named japan’s newest american idol. or japanese idol? or american transplant idol? lol

  3. I can! I can see them! In fact, that was what I was going to comment (before I read all the other comments…) YEP – pictures are awesome! I love coconut, too…

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