Cookie Marathon ~ Week 3

Today the hubby took the day off in honor of our four year wedding anniversary last week.  We took advantage of a beautiful and quiet Monday and drove up north of Nago to a quaint little restaurant on a montain top overlooking the East China Sea.  It’s called “Pizza In The Sky” and it is a pain in the neck to find as well as takes an hour and a half to get to.  Thank goodness the salad and pizza were as good as I remembered!  The hubby liked the view and atmosphere as well as the food.  The dining is mostly outdoors and the view is breathtaking. 

After returning home the hubby took care of the lawn and I made my fourth cookie from “Martha Stewart’s Cookie Cookbook“.  They’re called “Cashew Caramel Cookies” and OH MY GOODNESSS….. they are awesome.  You take the cashews and put most of them in the foodprocessor and pulse till they are finely processed.  Then you take 2 Tbsp’s of conola oil and add that till you have a nut cream.  Cashew Butter.. kind of!!  These cookies were great naked and drizzled with caramel.  Check them out below.

5 thoughts on “Cookie Marathon ~ Week 3

  1. Thanks ladies!!! We had a great weekend and are still amazed that four years have passed so quickly. Actually the fact that seven years of being in each others lives has passed is hard to believe too! Live flies when you are having fun!!!

  2. I have made four of the recipes in Martha Stewart’s Cookie Cookbook and each one is simple to create. I am a fairly experienced baker but still run into recipes that intimidate me. I have been very pleased (as well has the hubby, friends and hubby’s co-workers) at how well and delicious the cookies have come out so far.

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