I don’t have much to share tonight.  The hubby and I had a busy social calendar this weekend so there wasn’t as much down time as usual.  I just picked up BOOMSDAY last night and picked up where I had left off a few days before.

I do have a new obsession and that is downloading NPR podcasts that are available on iTunes for free.  Especially the show “All Songs Considered”.  I’ve also been listening to segments on and learning more and more about music.  I was inspired to create my own song list as if I was a guest DJ with host Bob Boilen.  It’s of course a very very long list but to give you a peek into what music has inspired me in my life here are ten songs and the artists that I love.

Baby Can I Hold You ~ Tracy Chapman
Pictures Of You ~ The Cure
No More Words ~ Berlin
True Blue ~ Madonna
Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover ~ Sophie B. Hawkins
Ants Marching ~ Dave Matthews Band
It Hurt So Bad ~ Susan Tedeschi
Morning Song ~ Jewel
Church ~ Lyle Lovett & His Large Band
Knock ‘Em Out ~ Lily Allen


5 thoughts on “Truckin’

  1. I was introduced to BERLIN (besides the Top Gun Soundtrack) at the same time I was set into my first recording setting. My high school/life long best friend’s boyfriend was inspired by my singing voice so he set up some recording sessions with his friend who had a make-shift recording studio in his parents basement. The friend was really into Berlin and because he thought I sounded like Terri Nunn he asked me to learn a bunch of tracks on the LOVE LIFE album (love the album cover). No More Words is my fav followed by Dancing In Berlin. I still do No More Words at Karaoke!

  2. I love all songs considered. The online archive is where I have discovered many of my recent favorites!!!

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