Today’s Favorite Song

One of the albums I purchased on iTunes over the last two weeks is Tristan Prettyman’s “Hello…x”.  I really love the whole album and have spent the last two weeks trying to figure out why her voice sounded so familiar.  She sounds like a few artists in my library but I just couldn’t place the voice.  I knew that I loved her sound from somewhere else.  Well about two seconds ago when I did a search with her name on YouTube I realized where I knew her voice from.  One of my all time favorite groups is G. Love & Special Sauce and all of G. Love’s solo work as well.  On G. Love’s 2006 release “Lemonade” one of my favorite tracks is “Beautiful” and wouldn’t you know it… Tristan Prettyman is the female vocal on the track.  I feel sooo much better having that mystery cleared up and to celebrate here is the video of “Beautiful” with G. Love (Garrett Dutton III)  & Tristan Prettyman.