Many Quiet Moments

This week the hubby’s out of town so Rocky and I have had many quiet evenings of missing him.  To fill my time I started “Matrimony” and am about to hit page 100.  So far so good.  The story grabbed my attention from the beginning though it’s taken a turn towards something I’m concerned may not be good. 

This morning I met up with friends at a restaurant on the Sunabe Sea Wall here in Okinawa that overlooks the East China Sea.  It is a dreary day and though it started to mist a bit at the end of lunch, sitting out on the balcony seating was a nice way to spend the lunch hour and then some.  While waiting for my friends to arrive I had a good twenty minutes or so by myself to read.  Every few minutes I would look up to watch the tide slowly coming in and the heads of divers bobbing in the water. 

Now I am home with a full belly and an afternoon ahead of me to read and nap before American Idol at 7pm.  Below is a pic of the East China Sea further up the coast from where we had lunch but this was taken on a sunny day so you can get an idea of what most days here look like.


5 thoughts on “Many Quiet Moments

  1. I hate that you are missing Pete…
    But love that I have had time to read your interesting insights…
    I miss being on the rock with you.
    Thanks for your you-ness.

  2. I’m almost done with is and have enjoyed it for the most part. Try the library though. They might have it. Otherwise I don’t regret buying it. is discounted though so try there too.

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