Booking Through Thursday

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Book blog “BOOKING THROUGH THURSDAY” asks this question for the week:

“Scenario: You’ve just bought some complicated gadget home . . . do you read the accompanying documentation? Or not?  Do you ever read manuals?  How-to books?Self-help guides?  Anything at all?”

I LOVE gadgets!!!!  I would rather receive electronics, computer anything, or video games than flowers.  I do read the manuals and I do pick things up fairly quickly so I only need to read it once to get it.  I consider cookbooks how-to books, so yes I do read how-to books.  I’m not really into self-help guides.  I’m perfect, or didn’t you know!  Just kidding, but no I don’t seek out self-help books. 


2 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday

  1. Not so big on manuals myself but I can admit that your way is probably the better way. And cookbooks are the greatest! I have tons of them myself.

    My answer is up:


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