Sunday Salon ~ Matrimony aka Roller Coaster

Today was spent doing a mix of things.  I got some reading in right after sunrise, went to a birthday party at the beach, dropped off “The Wire” season 1 for friends, made myself dinner and watched Carrie Underwood’s induction into the Grand Ole Opry. 
The hubby is off to another part of Mainland Japan for a few days and had to leave at dawn to catch an early flight so when falling back to sleep didn’t work I picked up “Matrimony”and got some more read.  I’m almost done but I don’t want to discuss too much of the book right now because it’s Planet Books’ selection for May/June and I want to save my review for that.  I am pretty happy with the book though.  It’s extremely character driven, which I’m not entirely used to in the books I read, but I do like the twists that the lives of Henkin’s characters take.  I was surprised by most of the big twists and am curious to learn how Henkin’s wraps things up.  If you are reading this for Planet Books, let me know what you think so far. 
After I finish “Matrimony” I’ll have to figure out what will be next for my reading enjoyment.  I have a lot of books on my TBR shelves and though I picked up a couple of good looking titles at the PX this morning, I put them back on the bookshelf instead of adding to my stack at home.  I need to revisit my Wish List and get a few off of there before looking at new titles. 
What are you reading on this lovely Sunday?  A book (“Matrimony”), the paper, blogs, magazines, nothing?  Drop a line and let me know what you are up to today.  Have a great week and I’ll check ya later!
I finished Matrimony last night (Sunday) before bed.  Pretty good!  I was happy with how Henkin’s wrapped things up but not into a perfect little bow.  As some other bloggers have said in their reviews, was this autobiographical?  Was Julian Joshua Henkin?  If I ran into him and his family on the streets of NYC would there be him, his dark haired wife, their little boy and a dog?  It makes you wonder about some other books you may have read in the past and if the author took their life and just tweaked it a bit to make for good fiction.  All in all I think if you haven’t read “Matrimony” for Planet Books, I recommend it.  I would recommend it even if you weren’t reading it for PB!