Today’s Favorite Song

As you probably know, American Idol has a new reigning king… David Cook!  I was surprised but extremely pleased with the results.  I thought Archuleta was going to sweep it but it went the other way in the end.  Among the guest performers on last night’s show was one of my all time favorite singers, George Micheal.  I have been a die hard GM fan since his Wham! days and am very upset by the fact that he is going on tour in the States this summer and I won’t be there to see him.  I was so excited to see George and to hear that his voice is still amazing.  I decided to share one of my favorite songs sung by him with you.  “I Can’t Make You Love Me” was originally recorded by Bonnie Raitt for her “Luck of the Draw” album in 1991.  In 1997 George Micheal recorded his own version (very similar to the Bonnie Raitt version but even sadder) as a B-side for a single.  His talent is showcased beautifully on this recording and I have found a live performance of George performing this song on YouTube to share with you here. 

2 thoughts on “Today’s Favorite Song

  1. I was also surprised, but very happy, with the American Idol outcome. We’ve been voting for David Cook for weeks at my house, and I downloaded a few of his AI performances from iTunes – I’ll definitely be buying his album.

  2. yea Cook!! and, I too have a secret affection for GM. His WHAM! album ‘made’ my freshman year in college! fun times, ah…. ANyway, I need your help! go see my latest post. thx, Care

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