Sunday Salon ~ May 25th

How did we get to Sundayand the SUNDAY SALON again so quickly?  Time has flown by this past week.  I have gotten a lot read but not all in one place today.  After having lunch with my friend Rene at an AMAZING burger joint (yes for you  Oki dwellers- I said BURGER JOINT!) and then running a few errands I headed home and to my study.  I read up on some news, checked out Perez Hilton’s site and then caught up on some friends blogs.  After about forty-five minutes of this type of reading, I hit the guest bed with the book I’m reading at the moment, “Nineteen Minutes”.  I didn’t pick it up at all on Friday or Saturday, so after refreshing myself with a page of so, I settled in to reading before giving in thirty minutes later and taking a nap. 
In “Nineteen Minutes”  there are secrets that have yet to be revealed and it’s getting a little annoying.  Please Ms. Picoult, unravel some of these secrets so the story moves a little faster!!!  SOON!!  (Readers of this blog, pelase don’t leave any spoilers in the comment section.)  I am still enjoying the book but I am finding myself getting a little depressed when I imagine the students and faculty of Columbine HS and Virginia Tech living these situations.  To keep the book in the fiction realm, I am imagining the characters resembling some of the actors in the tv shows “Heroes” and “Friday Night Lights“.   I am looking forward to finding something a little lighter to read when I’m done with this book though.  Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon ~ May 25th

  1. I truly liked it, Picoult really takes up issues which are closer to home. After you finish reading it, you can link your review to mine, if you wish!

    Happy reading!

    Why don’t you read The Solitaire Mystery by Jostein Gaarder? You will love it.

    My SS post!

  2. GT~ Thanks for the recommendation. I’m going to make a list as books are recommended to me, research them and go from there. Please keep the titles comin’!
    I will link to your review when I finish. Thanks!!

  3. K – thanks for commenting on my blog. Being a daughter and neice of Marines, its difficult NOT to get emotional on Memorial Day. I can only imagine how it is living in Japan celebrating our holiday. I was so emotional in church yesterday as we honored our local heroes. It was amazing.

    I was surprised to get chosen for LTER so soon. I’ve got 3 other books from authors reps coming as well, so I need to get busy! I hope you get chosen next month – I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Thanks for linking me to your blog. I’m doing the same for you.

    I’ll see you ’round the blogs!

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