Today’s Favorite Song

One of my all time favorite albums is Nine Inch Nails “Pretty Hate Machine”.  I received this cd as a gift recently and was so happy to have it in another form other than my old tape from my college years.  I listened to the whole album this morning, I know it’s Sunday but good music is good music no matter what.  The most popular track on the album is “Head Like A Hole”.  I had a NIN t-shirt for years in the early 90’s and I would listen to this album over and over again with my friend Erin as we rode around in her well loved but beat up Honda Prelude she had named EDDIE after Eddie Vedder.  She also had a black dog (Black Lab and Cocker Spaniel mix) named Zepplin.  If you want a good jolt of energy than this is the song for you today!

4 thoughts on “Today’s Favorite Song

  1. oh wow,
    this song is really good
    its like a combination of
    the electric music and like native songs.
    hahahah am i right ?

    i really like the beat and the melody of the
    song. 🙂

    is this their official music video?
    today was my first time hearing this
    musician’s song
    hahaha thank you for recommending good song :D:D
    ohoh can you tell me where i can get this song?

  2. It’s on Nine Inch Nail’s 1989 release “PRETTY HATE MACHINE”. You may be able to find it on or some other on-line music store. Unfortunately it is not available for download on iTunes.

  3. Holy Morals Batgirl!!! That was the only album we (the kids parents not included) would listen to once we got off the 99 freeway going to Fresno. It was a perfect length from off ramp to cousin’s door. Memories……
    And by the way, that whole album was originally done on a computer and only later transcribed to sheet music for performances.
    Ok Enough from me.

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