Inspirational, Motivational ~ the Hump Day for May 28, 2008

I found this question via The 3 R’s: Reading, ‘Riting, and Randomness and thought I would write a response here.

This week…it’s all about the other guy (or gal). One of the greatest things we all say we find in blogging is community. What post, blog or blogger has inspired you? It could have been a comment, a post, something someone did. Perhaps you’ve become friends. Big or small, if it moved you and caused you to take action in your own life, tell us about it. Tell us what inspired you, and then let us know the story from there—your story.”

I have dabbled in blogging over the last few years but it wasn’t until discovering Stephanie’s The Written Word and Lisa’s Books On The Brain blogs that I was inspired to really stick to it and focus on books and music for topics.  I started reading TWW in the spring of last year.  I loved the way her site looked and I really enjoyed her posts.  When I first started to read TWW, it was an on-line book club but as time passed and a new daughter was brought into the family it has changed into a blog sharing a little bit of everything.  It is no longer a book club but books are still discussed and recommended.  The posts were informative and clever.  Funny and entertaining.  I came across BOTB through comments left by Lisa on TWW.  Isn’t that how we discover so many of our favorite blogs?  BOTB continues to be a source of book blogging inspiration.  She is very active in the book reviewing community and is always discussing interesting books, old and new.   BOTB is full of book reviews, stories about the kids and hubby and fun meme’s that you are invited to share in. 

Planet Books has become a mix of a book lovers, music lovers and everything else type of blog.  As a result of blogging and reading other blogs, I find that my interests have expanded in the “real world”.  I am more interested in politics (I know it’s hard not to be right now), culture, the news, discovering new music and books and working on myself as a person, woman and member of society.  Having a blog gives me a great outlet to discuss some of these ideas and discoveries and I love the community I have become a part of and the friends I have made.  Though I may never meet these ladies or the many other people I have “met” via blogging, I appreciate all the words they share with us in the blogging community.  I enjoy sitting down everyday and learning something new from people out there just living their lives, making new discoveries themselves and then blogging about it. 

7 thoughts on “Inspirational, Motivational ~ the Hump Day for May 28, 2008

  1. Thanks for sharing this, and for participating in the “Hump Day Hmm.” Don’t forget to stop by Julie Pippert’s blog and add your post to the Mr. Linky list there.

    The people I know who don’t blog sometimes pick at me about the time I spend online, but I don’t think they realize that being part of the blogging community actually expands my horizons, which is one of the things this post topic is really all about.

  2. Thanks F! I posted my link at Julie’s blog right after I finished at yours. I really enjoyed writing about this topic. I’m looking forward to next week’s question.

  3. Oh how exciting! A new blog (you) and two new blogs to check out (your inspirations)! So glad you joined in!

    People are always welcome to suggest topics as well as participate in the discussion…so glad you joined in!

    It’s so neat to find and join with people who share your interests, more so than you can find as easily in regular life. That’s a real great side to this blogosphere.

    It doesn’t hurt that books and music are two of my main interests too. 🙂

    As far as politics go, I don’t know your leanings but if they veer at all to the left you might enjoy MOMocrats and Moms Speak Up. 🙂

  4. OOOOH! More blogs to check out!

    I host a Virtual Book Club over at my site (it’s a liveblog discussion). This month’s book might not be to your fancy, but it’s lots of fun (when I can get the software to work :))

    I will so have to delve into this site deeper when I have the time. Thanks for playing today and introducing yourself. I usually play, but today, I had nothing to add.

  5. Wow, Karen, thanks for the mention! I was so touched by what you wrote. This community of bloggers is amazing and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

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