Friday Random iPod Ten

After browsing some of your blogs I came across Verbatim via The 3 R’s and found something that is right up my alley.  The post is titled “Friday Random iPod Ten” and it’s a list of, you guessed it, ten songs randomly picked from your iPod/iTunes library.  Here’s Mine!

1.  Missing You ~ Alison Krauss & John Waite
2.  Take It Easy ~ The Eagles
3.  It’s Like That ~ Mariah Carey
4.  Athens ~ Pat McGee Band
5.  Like A Prayer ~ Madonna
6.  Cute As  Bug ~ Lyle Lovett
7.  Connected ~ Stereo MC’s
8.  Musicology ~ Prince
9.  Hard To Handle ~ The Commitments
10.  Heartbreaker ~ Pat Benatar

3 thoughts on “Friday Random iPod Ten

  1. This is a fun feature, and very easy! I haven’t done it for awhile, but I think you’re inspiring me to start again. (FYI, the blogger at Verbatim is a Karen too!)

  2. Hi, I just came across your comment on my blog — normally all my comments get emailed to me, but TypePad seems to have messed up! I apologize for not getting back to you, and I don’t have your email address. Anyhow, I did create the Wiki Wednesday meme, and I’m delighted you like it! I didn’t invent the Friday Random iPod Ten, but I’ve been doing it for 4+ years now. Fun!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Karen (

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