Sunday Salon ~ June 1st 2008

What a lovely way to spend the first day of June!  Eating, reading and napping.  This morning the hubby and I joined friends for brunch over on the Air Force base.  After filling our bellies with omelets, waffles, bacon and other yummies, we headed home for a day of quiet relaxation.  There wasn’t anything on tv so for about an hour, with country music playing in the background, we read.  The hubby finished David Baldacci’s latest book, “The Whole Truth” and I fell deeper into “My Best Friend’s Girl” by Dorothy Koomson
This book is very good so far.  It’s quick, to the point and full of drama.  It’s the good, juicy kind of drama too.  Kamryn is the main character and after writing off her best friend two years earlier, she finds out that Adele is dying of Leukemia and has asked her to adopt her five year old daughter.  Problem is is that this child is a product of a night of cheating against Kamryn by Adele and Kamryn’s fiance.  (LOVE IT!!!!) 
There’s a daring rescue from child abusing grandparents, flashbacks to let us in on the betrayal and character building that doesn’t take forever. 
Depending on how busy this week turns out to be (so far I have at least one thing on the calendar everyday) I hope to be done with this by the end of the week at the latest. 
After reading for a while, it was nap time.  The rainy season has set in here in Okinawa and on a dreary, muggy day there isn’t anything better than reading and napping and reading some more. 
I hope your Sunday is as blissful as mine has been. 

5 thoughts on “Sunday Salon ~ June 1st 2008

  1. I love Sunday brunch, and it sounds like you had a good one! I have one of Baldacci’s books, but have never gotten around to reading it.

    btw, I came to your blog via the Sunday Salon. I realized I was only visiting Saloners I already knew about, so I’m trying to branch out to new places!

  2. I love a good juicy read! *laughs* Glad you’re enjoying your Sunday – brunch sounds good!

  3. I haven’t been to a good brunch in awhile! I’m glad you and your honey enjoyed yours. That book you’re reading sounds exciting. I’ve written the name of it down to look in to. Sometimes you need a good juicy book with some drama! Have a wonderful week in Okinawa!

  4. Alisia ~ Welcome!! I’m so happy to know I have a new visitor. Sometime when my ticker goes up I wonder who those people are who are viewing the blog.

    Wendy ~ Thanks for the comment! Now it’s Monday morning and I’m off to accupuncture/massage followed by errands.

    Lisa ~ Thanks for the comment and I hope you have a wonderful week whereever you are too!

  5. Your Sunday sounds heavenly! They say rainy season will officially start in Kanto soon too, a bit earlier than usual. Hopefully I’ll at least get some reading done this summer when it’s too hot and sticky to go outside.

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