Book Review ~ My Best Friend’s Girl

My Best Friend's Girl

What would you do if your fiance and your best friend had had an intimate night, only once, years before you accidentally found out but you were only a couple of months away from marrying him?  What would you do if you found out that that one night produced a child whom you had unknowingly loved unconditionally because you believed that your friend was alone in the situation?  What would you do if, two years later, your friend was dying and asked you to adopt her child after she was gone but you never ever wanted children of your own?  Well hopefully this scenario hasn’t and won’t happen to you but in “My Best Friend’s Girl” by Dorothy Koomson, it happens to Kamryn Matika

I LOVED this book!!  I picked it up at the base PX a week ago and finished it last night.  It was well paced and told in first person from Kamryn’s point of view.  The characters popped off the pages and into my imagination right from the start and the plot had great twists and turns that took the characters into some situations that I never envied.  Now, during the dating chapters of my life I have experienced the devastating feelings of being cheated on.  The first time I was young and afraid of losing him so I turned a blind eye but in my mid-twenties I let him have it.  Then I met the hubby and was worry free and very happy and have been for seven years now (four of which have been in marital bliss).  But for a life to come out of one night of weakness would have been the worst. 

Kamryn makes great decisions, is a tough lady and is very believable.  She had built a sturdy life for herself post-her world ending, and was content with never seeing or speaking with the people who had ripped her heart out of her chest ever again.  It’s funny how things happen for a reason though.  She learned that she was capable of raising a child, loving them unconditionally even though every time she looked at their face she saw her best friend and her fiance. 

Though I have never been to England the author did a great job of describing the settings so I was ready to hop on a plane and have dinner at this one restaurant and make pizza with the kids class in another.  I wanted to hang out in Kamryn’s flat and go to the park and play on the jungle gym.  There are dark moments in the book that made me catch my breath with the severity of what was happening to the character but of course the day was saved… thank goodness. 

If you are looking for a quick but substantial beach, weekend, week or commuting on the bus/subway because gas prices SUCK, read than this is the book for you.  If you want to get to know some characters that are appealing and have some depth, than this is the book for you. 


Booking Through Thursday ~ Trends

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Have your book-tastes changed over the years?  More fiction?  Less?  Books that are darker and more serious?  Lighter and more frivolous?  Challenging?  Easy?  How-to books over novels?  Mysteries over Romance?

What an interesting question.  I think that my tastes are influenced by the last book I read.  I believe that books find you and though you might buy a book today, you might not read it for many years, months or whatever.  This is because somehow I know that I will read the book but when the time is right.  I may start something today, but find myself putting it back on the shelf and not revisiting it till later on in life when it is more meaningful to me. 

Friday Random iPod Ten ~ June 6th

Here are the first ten songs that came up on the “Shuffle Songs” setting on my iPod today. 

Miss You ~ Eric Clapton from “Complete Clapton”
Ask The Lonely ~ Journey from “Journey’s Greatest Hits”
No Woman, No Cry ~The Fugees from “The Score”
Rain, Tax (It’s Inevitable) ~ Celine Dion from “A New Day Has Come”
In The Mood ~ The Puppini Sisters from “Betcha Bottom Dollar”
My Poor Old Heart ~ Alison Krauss & Union Station from “Lonely Runs Both Ways”
Worlds Apart ~ Jars of Clay from their self titled album “Jars of Clay”
Steel Bars ~ Michael Bolton from “Michael Bolton’s Greatest Hits”
Scott’s A Dork ~ Reel Big Fish from “Why Do They Rock So Hard?”
Jeremy ~ Pearl Jam from “Ten”