Today’s Favorite Song

One of my all time favorite groups are The Indigo Girls.  The voices, the guitars, the lyrics and the harmonies made them a college favorite among my girlfriends and me.  I attended college at Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA and was a student of their conservatory program.  I majored in both Vocal Performance and Music Business along with a few of my close friends.  All of us could sing well and we would spend countless hours singing The Indigo Girls tunes.  My first semester, at the request of Angela, Samantha, Kim & Jamie, I learned the melodies and harmonies to the complete self titled Indigo Girls cd.  Because of my range I could easily jump from the lower harmonies to higher lines of melody.  For the most part though I sang harmony and the others sang melody. 

My best friend from college, Angela, and I continued to sing The Indigo Girls hit “Closer To Fine” when ever we got together.  One of my fondest memories of singing this song with her was during a visit she made to Maryland in August 1999.  We had gone into D.C. with some of my friends and were in Georgetown where we had just heard my friend Bruno’s band “No Da Da” perform at a little Italian restaurant that boasted a modest jazz band line up on the weekends.  Angela and I were standing outside on M Street and after a little coaxing from friends and passersby, we sang “Closer To Fine” a capella, right there on the sidewalk.  It was probably one of our best renditions of that wonderful song.