Sunday Salon ~ July 6th, 2008

This weekend is all discombobulated because the hubby had to fly off to save the world with very short notice on Thursday so without his work week keeping me on track sometimes I loose track of time.  I just realized it was time for The Sunday Salon because someone on my Google Reader had just posted theirs. 
I finished MY HORIZONTAL LIFE by Chelsea Handler last night.  You can find my review in the post below this one.  Today I started to read an ARC I received from a magazine to review and will hopefully be published in their November issue.  I can’t disclose the title as of yet but it is my first ARC so I’m pretty excited about it. 
Do you receive ARC’s from authors/publishers/magazines/review websites?  If so what have you read and reviewed?  Link from here to your reviews so we can check them out.  How did you get on the ARC circuit?  Do you enjoy it and take it seriously or do you just request them for free books? 

3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon ~ July 6th, 2008

  1. I do get ARCS, and I do take them seriously . . . although I don’t read them as fast as I should. . . I’m going to prioritize that for this week though. As a writer, I like that anyone would read my stuff, but since review copies cost money and can cut into a writer’s usually minimal profits, I only request those things which I will read and review for the public.
    I’ll come back and post a link when I have a recent one. Good idea.

  2. I gave up accepting ARCs after I realised that i was spending all my reading time on them rather than on the books I wanted to read. it wouldn’t have been so bad had they all been good books, but at least half weren’t. My reading time is too precious to plough through bad books.

  3. I started receiving and reviewing ARC’s through Librarything’s Early Reviewer’s Program about a year ago. Recently I’ve also gotten a few through other sources like the Shelf Awareness email and other people’s blogs. I do take them series but it’s also fun to get free books! I just need to make sure I don’t get too many that it becomes a burden, so far it hasn’t been.

    This is the latest one I’ve read and reviewed:

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