Today’s Favorite Song

There is a great little ska band out there called Hepcat.  Hepcat’s tunes are infectious and fun as most ska is.  Their style is more dance hall ska and extremely danceable.  I was turned on to them by a guy I had dated in my twenties who is the trombone player in a D.C. based ska band called Eastern Standard Time.  I also managed a ska band in college at Shenandoah University in the mid 90’s called The Unity Project.  They were a great bunch of guys with so tons of talent.  

I was driving around today in the thick heat and humidity that has blanketed itself over the island this summer and with the help of the A/C, I kept cool to the sounds of Hepcat. 

If you are familiar with the 1996 film “Swingers” you may recognize one of the actors from the film as a singer in this video.  His name is Alex Désert and he is a singer/songwriter for Hepcat as well as a film and television actor.