Today’s Favorite Song

Dave Matthews Band is one of my five favorite music acts of all time.  Madonna, Ella Fitzgerald, Trisha Yearwood and Martina McBride round out that group but DMB has a special place in my heart.  My favorite music era of DMB is from 1994 to about 1998 or so.  Though I really enjoy their newer albums, I think that their older music just represents a certain period in my life that was fun, carefree and full of music and friends. 

My favorite song from that time is “Ants Marching.”  Though it’s one of their more popular pieces, it has so much going on musically and the lyric is representative of a young person, starting out on their path in the world.

My second favorite song from that time is “Say Goodbye” just for the lyrics alone.  It is one of the sexiest, romantic and amazing songs ever.

I’ll leave you with one of DMB most fun, danceable, happy and rich songs ever…. “Stay.”

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