Sunday Salon ~ July 13, 2008

This week has been a busy one here in Okinawa.  It’s PCS (moving) season and for the first time in our four summers here we know a lot of people leaving.  My best friend on the Island, Summer, her husband and their Chow Chow left yesterday morning and my other close girlfriend, Juli, and her family leave next Saturday.  Change of Command ceremonies are occurring left and right on all bases and the flood of new families can be spotted as they walk around in a bit of a daze while getting used to life overseas.  Needless to say, with all the excitement I have had little time to read.  I did manage to finish one of my ARC’s, HOUSE & HOME, on Thursday as well as post my review HERE and on a new site HERE.  I also got to start another ARC, KEEPING THE HOUSE by Ellen Baker. 
                        A Novel
Notice the common theme of both titles… HOUSE.  Yeah, with all this moving happening around us the hubby and I have gotten the real estate Internet hunting bug, though we don’t move till next spring.  I’m hoping it dies down with us or else it’s going to be a long year of looking at great houses that will be plucked up by other buyers before we can get back and actively shop around. 

2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon ~ July 13, 2008

  1. That’s a lot of moving in and out. Are you the type to be the welcome wagon? or just wait for a chance encounter to greet the new people?

  2. My husband is in a Civilian job over here but we still parttake in sponsership and showing people around. The military commands have sponsers too but I’ve been told by my girlfriends that they like how ‘our’ office gets a large group of people together to meet the new family at the airport and then we get large groups together again for dinner at restaurants. There is also a lot of correspondence before the family even arrives here like e-mails and phone calls to prepare these people for their new life in Okinawa. It just happens that we’re one of the families who have been here the longest (3 years with one left to go) and know a lot.
    Some wives go more out of their way than others for their sponserees but it all comes out in the wash.

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