Check This Out!

My sister Sonja worked her Photoshop magic while we were asleep on this side of the planet and surprised me with this in my inbox this morning.  Recognize the little doggie on the cover?  It’s my very own Rocky O’Connor!


Today’s Favorite Song

As I’m reading Ellen Baker’s KEEPING THE HOUSE, I keep hearing big band music in my head.  I decided to check out videos from one of the coolest new/retro groups around… The Puppini Sisters.  They are a trio consisting of three singers, Italian Marcella Puppini and English Stephanie O’Brian and Kate Mullins, who perform 1940’s style close-harmony music.  They are really amazing and I love the three part harmonies that they create as well as the music style they sing in.  I’ve provided a few videos for you to watch here.  You may recognize some of the songs here as covers of favorite pop tunes from the last few decades.  This music is exactly what I hear in my head as I read KEEPING THE HOUSE