Today’s Favorite Song

I have to do one more ‘Today’s Favorite Song’ post before hitting the hay tonight.  Jessica Simpson’s new country music video for “Come On Over” was recently released.  NowI am a fan of this song and I have always, for the most part, been a Jessica fan.  I loved the Newlywed MTV reality show that she and ex-husband (dreamboat) Nick Lachey had on a few years back and I was a tepid fan of her pop music.  I can even forgive her the mistake she is making being with that Cowboys quarterback.  Actually, I have no doubt that Tony Romo is a nice guy and even cute in a little boy way, but I’m a born and bred Washington Redskin fan so I am not really a fan of anything associated with that dreaded Dallas team. 🙂 

I think that this attempt at country music might be a good move for Simpson if she can build a fan base in country music.  Over the weekend I noticed she had received mixed responses of applause and boos at a concert where she was the opening act for country music superstar Sara Evans.  I think that country music fans need to give Simpson a chance.  She has an amazing voice and country music may have room for another belter like Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride and Trisha Yearwood.  Here is her new single and music video for “Come On Over”.  Do you like it? 

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