Sunday Salon ~ July 27, 2008

This weekend has been a busy one.  I did finish an ARC I had requested from author Anisha Lakhani called SCHOOLED that I will be reviewing this week.  It was fun, enjoyable and a great read.  We will also be graced with guest posts from authors Ellen Baker of KEEPING THE HOUSE and Kathleen McCleary of HOUSE & HOME soon too.  Be sure to check back throughout the coming weeks for those.  I also have some surprises in store which will include a great giveaway.  I can’t wait!!

Richard & Judy’s Book Club

A while back I had read and reviewed the book MY BEST FRIEND’S GIRL by Dorothy Koomson.  I was just looking around The Net and discovered this little video from a popular British show called Richard & Judy.  They have a book club called the Richard & Judy Book Club and this summer, one of the books they had chosen was MY BEST FRIEND’S GIRL.

 My Best Friend's Girl

I discovered a great video from the show that has a book summary told by a celebrity reviewer while she is on holiday in Italy followed by a round table discussion of the book.  I have never seen this show but author Dorothy Koomson’s website had a YouTube video of this segment.