Today’s Favorite Song

Both Keeping The House and Ellen Baker’s guest post talk of war and sons and husbands going off to report for duty.  These topics have reminded of one of my favorite songs.  It’s by the amazing Belinda Carlisle and it’s called Summer Rain.  The lyric tells a story of a woman seeing her lover off as he reports to duty and though she never sees him again, she will always remember “dancing in the summer rain” with him at the train station.  The video is touching and due to the subject matter, is timeless.  The tune is rich and displays the perfect pop sound that was so prevalent in the late eighties. 

Belinda Carlisle was a huge influence on me musically while I was growing up.  Not only as the front woman of The Go-Go’s but as a solo artist.  In 2001, my husband and I saw her in concert with The Go-Go’s at the DC101 Chili Cook-offin Washington, D.C.  It was right around the time that Belinda Carlisle had posed nude for Playboy and she was in fine form that day.  Both physically and vocally. 

Runaway Horses

The song Summer Rain is off her 1989 release titled Runaway Horses.  It is a good video but an even better song.  Enjoy!

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