Nashville Star’s New Queen of Country Music

Melissa Lawson is the newly crowned Nashville Star.  Some of you may remember that earlier this year I sent in an audition tape for this season but wasn’t selected for call backs.  Now, the caliber of contestants on this season of Nashville Star, which was new to the NBC network, didn’t compare with the last six seasons of contestants from the USA Network seasons but I am so pleased that Melissa Lawson won.  Being a voluptuous woman and 5 foot, 10 inches myself and a belter of a singer I was rooting for Melissa from the beginning.  I knew she had the voice to win and be successful in country music, especially compared to the other contestants this season, but I was worried that viewers wouldn’t vote the bigger, older girl through.  Older is anything over twenty-five most of the time and Melissa is only thirty-one.  I am very proud of country music fans because they can accept a singer for who they are and what they can do. 

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