Book Settings ~ The Most Popular Cities

I’ve noticed that a large majority of of the books I’ve read this year and books on my TBR/ARC shelves take place in New York City.  That’s ten books total.  Bachelor Degree, Between Here & April, Schooled, What Happened to Anna K., The Last Summer of You & Me, Sail, Matrimony, The Great Man, Garlic & Sapphires, The New Yorkers, Free Food For Millionaires.  I love NYC and after reading all these books and the few I still have to read, I am ready for a shopping/dining/tourist trip to The Big Apple.  I guess New York City isn’t just major inspiration for songwriters and movie sets.

Have you noticed a repeated pattern in the settings of your recent reads?  Does reading about a place over and over again in one or more books make you want to go there?  If you did go or would go, where would it be to?

Music Video ~ I Love New York ~ Madonna

5 thoughts on “Book Settings ~ The Most Popular Cities

  1. Not in what I read but as a writer I have noticed that I have two recurrent settings: where I live now and my hometown.

    I haven’t been to NYC since the mid 90’s. I really loved walking Manhattan. I stayed over in Brooklyn with a friend and would bring the subway into Grand Central and just set out like a hiker in the wilderness.

  2. I tag my books in LibraryThing with the setting, so this was an interesting question for me to look back on. Many of my recent books have taken place in locations I haven’t been to – Iran, Afghanistan, London, the Hamptons (I wish!). I love to read fiction that takes place in settings I’m familiar with…

    But, no, no patterns to the places I’m reading in lately!

  3. I’m definitely drawn to books in certain locations, primarily New York and the South…I’ve lived in both, so maybe that’s why. Maybe I’m drawn to books in places that I can identify.

    Did you review the Anna K. book? I just started it yesterday…

  4. Dawn ~ I do too. I ahve been to NYC a few times in my twenties and just love it. I also like reading books that take place in D.C. (hometown), Seattle and Denver. I wish I was aware of more books that did take place in D.C. actually. It seems most are of the David Badalcci and Brad Meletzer persuassion. The hubby prefers those.

    Hey Jill!

    Anna K. is on my TBR list of ARC’s. I’m hoping to get to it this month. Please let me know what you think of it.


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