Book Review ~ Man of the House by Ad Hudler

Summary: For more than a decade, Linc Menner has raised the status of househusband to an art form. . . .

While his wife, Jo, brings home the bacon, Linc Menner holds down the fort–his gourmet cooking is sublime, his cleaning unrivaled, and his devotion to his daughter, Violet, unparalleled.

But when the Menners relocate from upstate New York to the steamy beaches of Naples, Florida, life takes an unexpected turn. As the Menners renovate their new home Linc’s bliss turns into a war zone of contractors, dry wall dust, and chaos. And suddenly being surrounded by guys whose faces go blank as he expounds on the virtues of lump-free gravy makes Linc realize he has forgotten what it feels like to be a man.

So Linc trades his flip-flops for work boots, and his wild mop of hair for a barbershop buzz, and marches his flabby physique to the nearest gym–attracting the secret devotion of one of Violet’s teacher in the process. And his stunned family watches helplessly as they lose the man who keeps them all together. To make matters worse, it’s hurricane season and there’s a category 5 heading right for Naples. As life on the home front explodes into hilarity and catastrophe, Linc must chart his own delightfully crooked course to finally become the Man of the House.

A Novel

Man of the House by Ad Hudler (available in stores on September 30th) is a unique story in that the hero of this domestic tale is a man.  A wonderful, intelligent, loving, caring, creative, meticulous husband, father and homeowner.  Linc Menner loves to cook in his kitchen, talk with his thirteen year old daughter Violet while driving her to school and after picking her up in the afternoon and gets pure pleasure out of finding the new “it’ store for decor or clothes for Violet.  He is married to a working woman who holds a very high level and high stress job as a hospital executive.  They have agreed that he will be the stay-at-home parent while Violet is growing up. 

We meet Linc (if you haven’t read Hudler’s previous novel titled Househusband as I hadn’t) at a frustrating time for him and his family.  They have moved to South West Florida due to his wife Jo’s job and purchased a fixer upper of a house on the sea wall outside of Naples.  Linc has decided that renovations should be made and has hired Rod, a contractor and manly-man, to take care of business.  Soon Linc is following Rod around his property and helping by holding things and grabbing tools from the tool box.  Linc is very picky and knows what he wants.  He soon learns that the men sub-contracted by Rod for specialty jobs think that Linc is high-maintenance, a little weird and one even wonders if Linc may be gay.  All because he knows the difference between different paint colors and faucet handles. 

Linc’s trouble doesn’t end at the work site that used to be his house.  Violet attends a private prep school and Linc is constantly sending e-mails to her teachers or the school administrators requesting changes be made to a number of things.  One major problem Linc has is with the mothers of Collier Academy.  They look down their noses at Linc and his “man-van” and never include him in school fundraisers.  It was fun to read the different ways Linc handled these women and in the end puts them in their place.

At some point Linc starts to think that he is too much of a girly-man with his gourmet meals made from scratch and his demand for absolute cleanliness in the home.  He goes from being a great father, supportive and patient husband to his over-worked, never home executive wife, to a gun shooting, beer drinking, pressure cooker-using cook who drives his family crazy because things are falling to the way-side. 

I really liked Linc when he was well rounded, a provider for his family in ways that a woman usually is and when he took pride in his home.  When he was transforming himself into a guys guy, he started to disappoint not only his family but me as the reader.  In the end a common ground is reached within himself but it takes some serious mishaps to arrive at this point. 

A sub-plot in Man of the House centers around Violet’s English teacher.  This was my least favorite part of the book but I will admit that it did lend to some funny reading at times.   

Man of the House was a nice change of pace for me.  Being told mostly from the male point of view and having been written by a man was refreshing.  There are plenty of men out there who either are not the bread winner or aren’t just the bread winner in the family.  They take pride in preparing meals for their family and creating a healthy and beautiful living condition for them as well.  My husband is both bread winner and domestic god in our home, though I take pride in being the Martha Stewart/Paula Dean of the house too.  He helps me clean when asked, does laundry and is an amazing cook.  He loves to try new recipes and I love to watch him as he works in “his” kitchen (he shoos me out when I start poking around, trying to taste things).  He is a manly-man right down to the hoots and expletives he yells while watching the Redskins play.  I am so very lucky to have married a man who loves to take care of me.  This makes me even more excited and passionate about taking care of him and the things he provides for us.  I hope more stories get told about the man who isn’t self conscious and afraid of helping out or take control of domestic issues like Linc Menner in Man of the House

{Rating = 3.75 out of 5}

To learn more about Ad Hudler you can check out his web site HERE.

Early Birthday Cookies!

Today I made some cookies for the hubby since he won’t be here for his birthday next week.  He LOVES chocolate & peanut butter so I made Peanut Butter Whoopie Pies from Martha Stewart’s Cookies Cookbook.  Oh my goodness where these easy to make and even easier to eat!  Hubby was so tired when he got home today and to see him sink his teeth into one of these huge cookies and see the smile spread across his exhausted face was all the thanks I needed. 

When I was transfering these pics to the computer I was reminded of some pics I had taken last weekend of Rocky.  I just love it when he is relaxed and resting at the foot of the bed with us.  He looks a bit annoyed with the camerawoman though.


Sunday Salon ~ September 28th, 2008

Okay folks, I am not ready for October and the end of the year that are waiting for us on the other side of this weeks hump.  I feel like time has sped up to a breakneck pace in the last couple of months and it is FREAKING ME OUT!  My to do list seems never ending, not to mention my TBR ARC stack. 

This past week I’ve been reading Ad Hudler’s upcoming release Man of the House.  It is a refreshing read of a novel about a guy who has reversed roles with his wife and is the stay-at-home parent in their family.  He has a teen daughter who is his pride and joy, a wife who works too much but because of her job makes it possible for him to stay at home in their new home town in south Florida and renovate the house he wanted for that very reason.  It’s interesting to read a character who is the minority in the pick-up line at his daughter’s prep school and is a fish out of water when it comes to macho, testosterone fueled hobbies and work.  He is happiest in his kitchen, which he has been displaced from due to renovations, cooking and creating great dishes for his family.  So far I am enjoying this fresh look at the American family and I like Ad Hudler’s story telling style. 

What are you reading this weekend?  Are you reading Oprah’s new book club pick or are you reading something so far from the mainstream that most of us book bloggers wouldn’t even be familiar with the title? 

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Check This Out

A Sharon Gold Novel

Earlier this year I read and reviewed Mrs. Lieutenant by Phyllis Zimbler Miller.  Phyllis has a blog that you can find HERE.  She has done a great job with her blog and I enjoy catching up with what Phyllis is up to through her posts. 

This week, one of my best friends, Dr. Summer Watson was asked by Phyllis to write a guest post about her experiences as a military spouse.  Summer’s wonderful hubby is a Chief Warrant Officer (CWO-2) in the U.S. Marine Corps and they are now stationed back stateside.  We met while they were stationed here in Okinawa for the last three years.  Summer has written an interesting post about her view and experiences as a military spouse.  You can read Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.  My review of Mrs. Lieutenant can be checked out HERE.

Book Giveaway: Jessica Anya Blau’s THE SUMMER OF NAKED SWIM PARTIES

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Happy Hump Day!  So, I’ve got another signed book to giveaway and this week it is The Summer of Naked Swim Parties by Jessica Anya Blau.  Many of you may remember my review and Jessica’s hilarious guest post titled Motherhood & Celebrity Penises.  Well Jessica kindly sent me a signed copy of her novel for this giveaway. 




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Today’s Favorite Song

Today I was listening to NPR’s All Songs Considered podcast while running errands.  The episode was the Fall Music Preview.  Now, I feel that music recommendations from this show can be hit or miss.  I love mainstream music and Bob Boilen and the other critics he shares the mic with for these preview/review shows tend to sway mostly towards the more unpopular, underground artists and groups.  That’s fine and dandy and everyone is entitled to their opinion but can’t they discover some tunes that are prettier and more enjoyable to listen too?  Songs by musicians that don’t leave me scratching my head in bewilderment. 

I have found artists that I have become fans of because of this show but it is rare when I actually like more than one tune on these preview/review episodes.  Today I discovered Blitsen Trapperand their new album titled Furr, as well as Kaiser Chiefs from the U.K.  Though I didn’t really enjoy the vocals or the all over sound of this next song, I LOVE the chorus.  The group is called The Streets and the song is titled Heaven For The Weather.  Below I have included the chorus as well as the video. 

I want to go to heaven for the weather
But hell for the company
I want to go to heaven for the weather
But hell seems like fun to me

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