Todays Favorite Song

So it’s happened again.  New Kids On The Block have erupted all over my T.V. and I just bought their new album and I LOVE it.  It’s been twenty-two years since they first drenched our radios with sugar-coated sweetness and they’re at it again.  It is interesting that the most successful of the group, Mr. Donnie (HOTTIE) Wahlberg, regrouped the boys and got this comeback up and running full steam ahead.  I like his more dominant position in the videos, dance routines and vocals.  I LOVE the WAHLBERG BROTHERS!!!! 

Well enough of the fourteen year-old in me and her ramblings.  Here are two NKOTB videos for your guilty pleasure fix of the day.  Their recent single, Summertime, and two old favorites, Cover Girl & You Got It (The Right Stuff).

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