I Saw This One Coming & I LOVE IT!

I guessed that SNL would get Michael Phelps for their season opener.  I also guessed that comedienne Tina Fey would come back on SNL to play (look-a-like) Governor Sarah Palin.  AFN (Armed Forces Network) won’t be airing this past Saturday’s season opener until this coming weekend but thanks to PerezHilton.com I was able to watch, laugh and nod my head in agreement at the spot on skit of both Sarah Palin and Senator Hillary Clinton.  It seemed as if Tina Fey played such a believable Vice Presidential candidate that Amy Poehler was literally revolted by her proximity to ‘Sarah.’  Even Tina’s voice and pitch were eerily identical to Mrs. Palin’s.  I hope that the McCain/Palin advisers reminded Sarah Palin that SNL doesn’t mess around and that it’s all in the name of comedy.  In case you missed it, you can check out the SNL opening skit HERE.

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