Book Giveaway: Jessica Anya Blau’s THE SUMMER OF NAKED SWIM PARTIES

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Happy Hump Day!  So, I’ve got another signed book to giveaway and this week it is The Summer of Naked Swim Parties by Jessica Anya Blau.  Many of you may remember my review and Jessica’s hilarious guest post titled Motherhood & Celebrity Penises.  Well Jessica kindly sent me a signed copy of her novel for this giveaway. 




To enter this giveaway contest, please leave a comment on this post including your e-mail address.  In addition please tell us a funny memory from the summer when you were fourteen.  It can be short and sweet or you can take this opportunity to write about a memorable moment that has been haunting you or that you love to tell and elaborate on it.  I will let Jessica know about this additional requirement in order to be eligible to win her book so she can stop by and check out your comments. 



I will run this contest through next Wednesday, October 1st at Midnight EDT.  I can’t wait to read your stories.  Remember short and sweet or type till your hearts content!

15 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Jessica Anya Blau’s THE SUMMER OF NAKED SWIM PARTIES

  1. For me, 14 was a long time ago, and I don’t have an independent memory of that summer that I can conjure up. It wasn’t the summer of my first experience with alcohol (15) or my first real kiss (16) or the summer my parents got divorced (also 16) or the summer my brother was born (12). Oh, wait!! I’ve got it. 14 was the summer Elvis died. By some strange fluke, my mom and I had been playing an Elvis record that morning while we were cleaning up the house-not something we normally did. Then later I rode my bike over to a friend’s house, and when I got there, she came running out. Her mom was in the yard talking to a neighbor and crying. My friend said, Did you hear about Elvis? He DIED! And we just couldn’t believe it. This was 1976, so there was no CNN and all day news. We had to wait until later to get the regular newscast. So we hopped on our bikes and made it our mission to inform every kid in the neighborhood about Elvis. We were like the town criers- Hear ye, hear ye, the King is dead.

  2. Unfortunately, for me… the summer that I turned 14 was when I began a decade long battle with Bulimia and Anorexia. All that teen angst and no confidence. It was a disease that caused all sorts of damage physically as far as metabolism and blood sugar levels and its effects are still with me today even though that chapter ended a looooong time ago.

    It’s certainly not a funny story, but it’s what came to mind. Hope it counts!

  3. I don’t remember too much about that summer specifically. It was 1978, the summer before I started high school. I lived in Florida, and it was HOT all the time. I remember spending a lot of time on our front porch, drinking ice water and reading; going to the movies (“Grease” came out that summer, and I saw it a couple of times); and nothing else particularly stands out. I didn’t have much of a life at that age, I guess :-).

  4. This books title is enough to make me believe this book is the antithesis of all my summers 0 to 18+. I know legally I am an adult at 18 but not in my parent’s house.
    How so was life…
    -Both parents were teachers therefore they were off too, their eagle eyes were sharp back then as they still are today.
    -Parental attitude of ‘if it can be done at someone else’s house then it can be done at our house’, so invite them here because you’re not going there!
    -Dinner was at 4:30 and that is when the castle gates closed, the drawbridge was raised, and sharks were let out into the moat and we were not let out of the house until the next morning.
    -The only TV I remember watching was reruns of Baabaa Black Sheep, Combat, or Remington Steele. That of course was on the TV in the living room where my parents controlled the remote.
    -No gaming stations ever, no computer game playing, aka no solitary interaction with an inanimate object was allowed in the house. Interpersonal skill development only. Which brings us to the next one…
    -You got your siblings to play with (+2, +4, and +7 years older). They loved me I’m sure but really parents don’t torture them with little old me?
    -8th grade b-day party and a sleepover (OMG) on the next block over! (OMG) Never in my dad’s eyes! Your bed is here in this house! This continued until I moved out of the house.

    Well I can’t tell you something I did because I would of had to experienced something to have a story in the first place. Oh does this count as doing something?

    -It was the first summer of shopping for uniforms for my first year at Catholic private school.

    I joke about it now making it sound soooo horrible but hey I didn’t know any better, literally. But I was a happy kid with no horrible memories… That’s what they told me 🙂

  5. Definitely enter me. I really do want to read this one.
    As for something that happened in the summer I was 14? Nothing too big. It was the summer after my freshment year and I was really good friends with two girls that I had met that year…and it was a really happy time. My main best friend (that i’d met that year) was lori and we did a lot together and were close…it’s sad now because I never see her or talk to her.


  6. What a fantastic title! I hope I win. 🙂

    The summer I was forteen, I went to summer camp, as I had for the last three summers in a row. It was the last summer that I could be a camper before I graduated to Junior Counselor status, a big step. The camp was located on a small lake in Maine, and it was a beautiful place. I spent almost all of my time at the waterfront, waterskiing, swimming lessons, sailing, canoeing, and windsurfing.

    That year, in the first week of my two month stay at camp, I lost my pink and clear Swatch watch, a most prized posession. I was sailing and somehow it came off my wrist. I didn’t notice it was gone until I got out of the water. I spent the summer in happiness, but dampened by the loss of this treasure. The very last day of camp, I was canoeing near the shore. I looked down into the water, and what should I find, but my very own pink and clear Swatch watch!! I was so elated I tipped over the canoe diving down to retrieve my prodigal trinket.

    I will never forget that camp, or all of the amazing adventures I had there.

  7. I vaguely remember the summer that I turned 14. I was fixing to start high school. My parents had recently divorced the year before. My mom, sister and I had moved to a new town to be near her family (not too far from where I grew up at though). Because of where we moved to, I had to go to an all 8th grade middle school without my friends. For 9th grade I was able to go to the same school with my old friends. Even though I did not like 8th grade (13) that much, 9th grade (14) was much better. Going to the movies and hanging out at the mall was really big for us back then. Heaven forbid if your mom was at the mall at the same time and talked to you! Now, of course, I love shopping with my mom. I do remember going to sleepovers and staying up all night watching movies even though I don’t remember what we saw. That’s about all I really remember about being 14.

  8. Count me in.

    I did nothing but babysit the summer I was fourteen. The couple across the street had three kids and one on the way and were serious country clubbers – golf, tennis, hanging out. The mother played golf all day long (pregnant) and then the two of them would go back in the evening to eat and golf and party really. I did this two summers in a row. Made a lot of money (their kids were a handful and they had to pay well as a result).

  9. Hmm, the summer I was 14 would have been just before Freshman year of high school, right? We’re having a BIG high school reunion this fall, so, let’s just say that it’s been a while! That summer would have been the onslaught of “boy/girl” parties with kids in the basement playing “spin the bottle”, “Postman”, etc. and oblivious parents upstairs.

    Thanks for entering my name into the giveaway; *The Summer of Naked Swim Parties* sounds like fun!

  10. I was 14 in 1991. Until I learned to drive and got a car, I spent my summers reading and writing. I can’t remember any one moment from that summer, but I can guarantee it was spent reading, writing, and dreading back to school.

  11. I do remember your review, it was the one I told you I learned about for my Racing in the Rain entry–which by the way I was going to email you about today because I got that in the mail Saturday—thank you!–and a book I’ve been looking at fo quite a while now.

    I remember a lot of things from the summer I was 14 interestingly enough but I’m not sure any of them are haha funny….I remember that I got stung by a jellyfish up and down my leg and on my finger (I was trying to brush it off ) and I was with my cousins who lived in the South (I was from way up North then) and they had fun pointing out how none of the had ever, ever gotten stung even though my other cousins lived there–so that’s kind of irony.

    Then the movie theatre said they had a movie on at nine or something and we went and when we got there they asked why we thought it was on at nine (or whatever time it actually was) and we told them that was what the paper said and they informed up that was never right and you had to call ahead….the movie was actually at 8:20…I found it amusing that a beach movie theatre just did what it wanted 😉

    Also, that was the summer I quit wearing glasses that I’d worn since maybe kindergarten and when I got home for 4th of July was the first time someone asked so I found it kind of sadly funny that it took someone who’d only known me the 2 years we lived in that town to notice and not my extended family who’d known me 14/almost 15 years and just spent a month with me…

    5’m not sure any of that is the kind of funny you wanted though…ooh! but the fact that at a party we had (end of school/friend moving out of country), we half convincd my neighbors who were 2, 5, 7 I think that my friend was Aaron Carter because that was his thing for some reason that year (it’s a *very* long story)…I did tell them later he was kidding and they were fine.


  12. I don’t remember anything in particular for that summer. It was 1984 for me. I was most likely holed up in my room reading most of the time. I can also remember dreading going on family vacations with my parents at this time too.

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