Check This Out

A Sharon Gold Novel

Earlier this year I read and reviewed Mrs. Lieutenant by Phyllis Zimbler Miller.  Phyllis has a blog that you can find HERE.  She has done a great job with her blog and I enjoy catching up with what Phyllis is up to through her posts. 

This week, one of my best friends, Dr. Summer Watson was asked by Phyllis to write a guest post about her experiences as a military spouse.  Summer’s wonderful hubby is a Chief Warrant Officer (CWO-2) in the U.S. Marine Corps and they are now stationed back stateside.  We met while they were stationed here in Okinawa for the last three years.  Summer has written an interesting post about her view and experiences as a military spouse.  You can read Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.  My review of Mrs. Lieutenant can be checked out HERE.

2 thoughts on “Check This Out

  1. K-Bear:
    Thank you for the shout-out re: my guest post on Phyllis’s website. It was a pleasure to be asked to write something and it has inspired me to continue to write my book.
    Miss U!

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